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    Inspire Conscious Living

    Inspire Conscious Living

    Inspiring you through knowledge and awareness to take control over your health and wellness, and live more deeply, richly and consciously.

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      Get a BOOST!

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        Endlessly Customizable

        Endlessly Customizable

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        Discover 5 natural recipes using essential oils that you can make yourself to address everyday needs.

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        Petal Life is a resource on health and wellness that provides personalized solutions to meet your specific lifestyle needs through wellness coaching and aromatherapy.

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        Book a Coaching Session

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        Personalized Aromatherapy

        Personalized Aromatherapy

        I personally blend personalized aromatherapy products that meet your specific needs. To request a customized blend, choose the product and fill out the personalization form.

        From the blog

        • September 17, 2018 More Reasons to Stop Consuming GMOs
          More Reasons to Stop Consuming GMOs

          Earlier this summer, Monsanto was ordered to pay over $250 million in damages to a groundskeeper who developed terminal cancer. He used Roundup weed killer an estimated 30 times a year, and the defense team was able to prove that his cancer was not just linked to its use but could have also been prevented if Monsanto had proper warnings on the product label (Robbins, 2018).

          Why does this matter and what does it have to do with consuming GMOs?  One of the main reasons GMOs or genetically modified organisms have been created in agriculture is for them to be resistant to Roundup type products.

          Roundup is sprayed over crops to prevent weeds, insects, and other pests and diseases to develop in the crop.  But, they are so effective they can also kill the crop. Crops from GMO seeds are able to withstand the onslaught from Roundup.

          The problem is that we then consume produce and food that is laden with Roundup and other pesticides.  The journal Environmental Sciences Europe predicted that 1.8 million tons of chemicals similar to Roundup were used in 1974 compared to 9.8 million in 2016 (Main, 2016). This chemical is named glyphosate.

          Glyphosate is sprayed on 89% of corn and 94% of soybeans grown in the United States (Robbins, 2018).  It is so prevalent in our food, that in a recent test conducted by the Environmental Working Group, the chemical was found in 31 out of 45 breakfast cereals (Robbins, 2018).

          One of the most effective ways to avoid consuming glyphosate is to avoid consuming GMOs.  Here I list the most important foods to avoid.

        • September 10, 2018 4 Worthwhile Books on Wellness
          4 Worthwhile Books on Wellness

          A couple of weeks ago I provided a list of five books that could transform you.  Those books were about self-development.

          This time I have decided to give you a list of four books on wellness that are worth your while.

          Each book provides a plan or insight to improve health and wellbeing, and although each book presents different approaches, there are similarities.  They all involve some type of shift to habits and practices that involve more care- care for our health, ourselves, our communities, our tribe, our planet or other.

          Read all four books on this list and take the parts that resonate from each.  Or go through my descriptions below and select the healing approach that you most identify with.

        • September 03, 2018 Essential Oils for PMS Relief
          Essential Oils for PMS Relief

          PMS or premenstrual syndrome encompasses a group of symptoms that affect women in the days prior to and up to the beginning of their menstrual flow.  It can affect women starting on their menarche or first menstrual flow in adolescence, and symptoms can continue until menopause.  Although, typically PMS affects women between their 20s and 40s more significantly.

          PMS affects women differently, and some have more distinct or severe symptoms than others. Symptoms include emotional distress, mood changes, depression, aggression, anxiety, stress, and mental state alteration, among others.  Physical symptoms of PMS include fatigue, bloating, cramps, breast tenderness, fluid retention, and headaches.

          I have successfully used essential oils (EOs) to treat PMS, including some of the EOs listed here, such as lavender, Lavandula angustifolia, and clary sage, Salvia sclarea, although many other EOs can also provide relief of PMS symptoms.

          Patience is key to any alternative form of healing.  Alternative healing, including aromatherapy, works to support the body by allowing the body to correct itself, and this requires time and patience.  But, if you’re willing to try, some of these EOs can significantly relieve PMS.

        • August 27, 2018 Beyond Recycling: 5 Other Eco-Efforts We Can Practice
          Beyond Recycling: 5 Other Eco-Efforts We Can Practice

          The effects of global warming are clear.  There are an increasing number of forest fires, deadly flooding, and extreme weather temperatures and conditions.  These natural disasters and weather patterns have inspired me to take a more conscious look at my ecological efforts.

          If you are like me, you probably already have some practices that help conserver our environment. Most of us already have a practice of recycling plastic, glass, paper, and cardboard; we carry our own cloth bags when we shop instead of using plastic bags from supermarkets and grocery stores; we have stopped buying plastic water bottles and carry our own refillable water containers; and we have stopped using to-go containers at coffee and tea shops and use our own re-usable to-go containers.

          I wanted to see what else we could do and looked into other practices that allow us to make more of an impact.  Here are five.

        Start your meditation practice by learning 5 meditations you can do in 2 minutes a day.