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    Inspire Conscious Living

    Inspire Conscious Living

    Inspiring you through knowledge and awareness to take control over your health and wellness, and live more deeply, richly and consciously.

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    From the blog

    • April 01, 2019 Saying Affirmations Isn’t Enough
      Saying Affirmations Isn’t Enough

      Affirmations are helpful. They assist in creating intentions for our lives, opening ourselves to possibilities and opportunities, and forming a positive mindset.

      But they aren’t enough. Repeating a statement such as “I love and approve of myself” or “I am enough” or “I am aligned with the energy of abundance” are uplifting and mood-enhancing, but they aren’t going to help us love and approve of ourselves, feel we are enough, or feel abundant unless we truly believe them.

      It is essential to incorporate other practices that can help us create affirmations that are helpful and life-affirming. I’m including a practice I have learned about to create effective affirmations.

    • March 15, 2019 Life Purpose Through The Master of Achievement
      Life Purpose Through The Master of Achievement

      Scott Allan just published his book The Master of Achievement – Conquer Fear and Adversity, Maximize Big Goals, Supercharge Your Success and Develop a Purpose Driven Mindset (2019). I found the book to be inspirational and practical.

      Allan provides ten Master Strategies or guiding principles to help us choose what we truly desire, instead of settling for the choices we have available. He says that when we do this, we live a life of purpose.

      The book promises to boost confidence, passion, and relationships; improve quality of life; feel more energetic; and be more likely to accomplish our goals. It is too soon for me to tell if these promises apply to me, seeing as I just finished reading the book, but I can confirm that I feel more confident and passionate about my goals.

    • February 28, 2019 What is Missing in The Secret?
      What is Missing in The Secret?

      The Law of Attraction has always intrigued me. Fundamentally, I believe in it. The Law of Attraction says we attract into our lives what we focus on. Like attracts like. This includes good and bad. Although it may be true, it’s not that simple.

      The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006, popularized the Law of Attraction. I read the book a few years ago. I thought perhaps I could will my dreams to become a reality. If I thought of them, they would come. I watched the movie as well. I bought the desk calendar that provided me daily reminders of the wisdom shared, just to make sure.

      I am not alone. There are many who think all we have to do is create a vision board, imagine our future, or depict the perfect life we want, whatever “perfect” means to us. We think somehow this will open a magic portal for our lives to change and shift in the direction we want it to. Turns out that is not the way it works.

    • February 15, 2019 What About CBD?
      What About CBD?

      A few people have asked me about CBD products recently, and although I don’t incorporate them into my aromatherapy blends, I decided to focus on them for my post today because I do believe that Cannabis sativa products are beneficial.

      Before that, let me clarify the difference between hemp and CBD products and marijuana, since there is a clear distinction.

      The Difference Between Hemp & Marijuana

      Hemp and marijuana come from the same species of plant. Marijuana or Cannabis sativa is an herb that is commonly found around the world, although it originated in Asia. It produces psychoactive effects in the body due to a constituent in the plant called THC or tetrahydrocannabinol.

      Hemp is also Cannabis sativa but it is a variety that has low levels of THC. Thus, hemp has no psychoactive effects.

      CBD or cannabidiol is another constituent found in hemp and marijuana, although hemp has higher levels of CBD than marijuana. Hemp also has higher levels of CBD than THC. CBD does not produce psychoactive effects in the body.

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