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  • 2019 Intentions & Review of 2018
  • Sonee Singh
  • AromatherapyCAMClean LivingComplementary Alternative MedicineEssential OilsFoodHealingHerbalismIntuitionLifestyleSpiritualityWellness

2019 Intentions & Review of 2018

2019 Intentions & Review of 2018

On this last day of 2018, I am reflecting on what I have lived through this year and wanted to share some of the most significant moments for me and Petal Life.

I also want to look forward to 2019 and set intentions for the starting year.

Most Read Articles of 2018

This year I wrote on a range of topics, including forgiveness, connection , reducing stress at work, chakras, placebos, crystals, and many others. I interviewed my friend Agnetha to share about Swedish Lagom as a key to a balanced lifestyle and my friend Amy to share her approach to do-it-yourself cleaning products. I told you about herbs such as spearmint, turmeric, and black-seed, and about pine essential oils for arthritis  as well as aromatherapy for anxiety  and constipation relief.

As per your engagement, the most popular articles in 2018 were:

5 Books That Can Transform You

My 100th Article: 3 Lessons I’ve Learned So Far

Low Thyroid Function? Pay Attention to These Foods

What it Means to be Whole

7 More Herbs to Get to Know

I publish the same articles I post on my website on Medium. Medium is a platform for anyone to express their viewpoints and ideas. The website doesn’t allow sponsors, pop-ups or other types of advertisements. It’s about quality and readership. When we post an article on medium, we get rewarded for views and especially for claps and engagement with our content. I’ve greatly enjoyed posting my articles on medium. I get a different level of engagement and commentary.

Of the 146 articles I have written, 98 are available on Medium.  Except for the top most read article, the most popular posts in 2018 on medium were different than on my website. These were:

5 Books That Can Transform You 

Essential Oils that Aid in Constipation Relief 

Forget Diets: Eat Intuitively 

Decluterring: The Alternative to Minimalism 

Little Known Aspects of Aromatherapy

I don’t know why there are differences in readership between my email subscribers and my medium followers, but I am encouraged to see the variety of interests. I am so grateful to all who read the words I share. Thank you!

Other Events in 2018

I was honored to be interviewed on three podcasts this past year:

Heart to Heart Conversations by Kiki Osada on her first episode on 5/17/2018 

SpaCast by Spa & Wellness Mexicaribe by Sara Jones on her fourth episode on 8/10/2018  

Herbs & Oils Podcast by AromaCulture by Jonathan Stewart on his forty-fifth episode on 11/1/2018

I am also deeply grateful that AromaCulture Magazine published my articles on their January, February, March, and April 2018 issues.  I wrote about aromatherapy, and discussed how essential oils work with constipation, high blood pressure, and pre-menstrual syndrome. I also introduced Dynamic Phytotherapy.

I had an amazing time participating at the Global Wellness Day event held on June 9 at the Four Seasons Washington, DC, and had a great time being interviewed by my friend at Vision Passion Faith.

I am grateful for all of these opportunities!

Looking Forward to 2019

As I look forward to the new year, I know I will continue to write and publish my articles on my website as well as on medium. I have endeavored on a few projects that are taking my time and attention.

For that reason, I will be cutting down on the number of articles I write, and instead of posting once a week, I will do so twice a month, on the 1st and 15th of every month.

I look forward to a year filled with learning, lessons, knowledge, reading, writing, coaching, workshops, healing, joy, love, family, and serenity.

What I Recommend for You

I recommend you do a similar process as I have done here. Look back at all you’ve been through in 2018. Consider what you have accomplished, what challenges and obstacles you overcame, and celebrate how far you have come. Write out everything you feel grateful for, and what you learned in this past year.

Look forward to the start of a new year and envision how you would like to feel and what you would like to achieve. I don’t always recommend that you set New Year’s resolutions, but rather consider the bigger picture. What do you want to invest in for your life? What is your intention for the coming year? Yourself? Your health? Your spirituality? Your relationships? Your family? Your career? Your community?

Feel deeply what you want for the next year and allow yourself to open up to receive it.

Wishing you a wonderful and magical 2019!

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  • Sonee Singh
  • AromatherapyCAMClean LivingComplementary Alternative MedicineEssential OilsFoodHealingHerbalismIntuitionLifestyleSpiritualityWellness