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  • Heal Your Life
  • Sonee Singh
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Heal Your Life

Heal Your Life

A few weeks ago an e-mail popped into my inbox regarding a book called Heal Your Life. It claimed to be similar or in some ways related to Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body, which I wrote about in a previous article. It turns out that the author, Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat, had known Louise Hay and even became friends with her, but the subject of the book was very different. Where Heal Your Body dealt with the mental causes of the different ailments we have, this book, Heal Your Life is about healing through specific steps.

I was of course drawn to the subject matter. Healing and wellness are a passion, so I’m always drawn to different approaches for achieving health.

This book is different because it deals with faith. Faith is something that can make some people uncomfortable. This book deals with faith in general, and not any one religion in particular. It is simply about having a belief in a Higher Power.

But, do not let that deter you. Each chapter in the book describes one of 25 ways in which we can call on different aspects of our lives to help us heal ourselves, which may be particularly useful during tough times. Although many of the steps have to do with faith, most of them do not.

Background on the 25 Steps

The book begins by Dr. Carolle, as the author calls herself in the book, summarizing her life story. She tells us about her childhood in Haiti, the healers she had in her life whom inspired her to become a medical doctor, and the tough situations she faced that led her to lose her faith and her belief in God at an early age.

Dr. Carolle does not discover- or perhaps she re-discovers- her faith until a later age. It is through this discovery that she is able to transcend her skills as a medical doctor and also become a spiritual healer. Her journey to discover her faith is what led her to develop these 25 steps.

The 25-Steps

The book starts with a faith inventory for each of the 25 steps. We are asked to complete the inventory if we choose. And then, we can proceed through each chapter step-by-step, or we can go directly to the chapter that calls out to us. It also says that we can work through the steps at our own pace.

The 25 steps to healing our lives are described in each of the chapters, along with a personal story from Dr. Carolle about how she came upon this healing lesson or how this healing lesson applies to her life. At the end of each chapter, she also presents an action plan so that we can work towards resolving that step.

I won’t list out all the 25 steps. For that, you’ll have to get the book. But, I will mention some.

My Take on the 25-Steps

Some of the steps are what I expected, such as practicing forgiveness, finding ways to de-stress, finding ways to be mindful, and practicing gratitude. I have in fact written articles about the importance of relieving stress, and how a practice of gratitude can be beneficial.

But other steps were surprising, such as understanding that we have choices and how reading can support our faith. Dr. Carolle also provides some great suggestions on how to live “in the moment” and practice forgiveness. The exercise she has us do for forgiveness, and the example she provided on how she did it herself, were particularly useful.

There were also some similarities in some of the steps Dr. Carolle provided and the Power 9® Blue Zones I wrote about a while back when I shared what I had found about the keys to longevity. These were having a purpose, reducing stress, and being a part of a community. It was encouraging to see that these points are reinforced, and are important not just for maximizing the time we spend alive, but also for improving the quality of our lives. They are important to our longevity and to our health.

I would highly recommend going through each step in detail and see what Dr. Carolle has to say. She describes each step, what it means, and what you need to have or do to achieve it. She provides tools, techniques, and affirmations, along with the action plan. She also shares more of her story, and her story is not just heart-warming, but also inspiring and motivating.

I would especially encourage you to complete the action plans at the end of each chapter. Instead of just thinking about each step, I wrote out my responses on each of the steps provided. This helped clarify my thoughts, evaluate my life, and also provided a great opportunity for introspection, which helped me in formulating some of my resolutions for the coming year.

Dr. Carolle’s book is a short read, yet filled with immense value.

Website Links

Dr. Carolle Jean-Murat


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Courtesy of TCK Publishing; Modified with permission.

  • Sonee Singh
  • CAMComplementary Alternative MedicineEnergyHealingMeditationMental HealthMindfulnessRemediesStress ManagementWellness