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  • Life Purpose Through The Master of Achievement
  • Sonee Singh
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Life Purpose Through The Master of Achievement

Life Purpose Through The Master of Achievement

Scott Allan just published his book The Master of Achievement – Conquer Fear and Adversity, Maximize Big Goals, Supercharge Your Success and Develop a Purpose Driven Mindset (2019). I found the book to be inspirational and practical.

Allan provides ten Master Strategies or guiding principles to help us choose what we truly desire, instead of settling for the choices we have available. He says that when we do this, we live a life of purpose.

The book promises to boost confidence, passion, and relationships; improve quality of life; feel more energetic; and be more likely to accomplish our goals. It is too soon for me to tell if these promises apply to me, seeing as I just finished reading the book, but I can confirm that I feel more confident and passionate about my goals.

Summary of the 10 Principles for Achievement

The ten principles work on their own although they are harmonious when applied collectively. The ten principles are:

  1. Develop a purpose driven mindset

Allan encourages us to discover our passion and pursue it without reservation. He presents 16 qualities that helps us develop it, and he does so by posing questions to make us ponder what we truly enjoy and why. In case we want to delve deeper, he gives additional book reading material. I like that the questions help us develop our own mission statement so that we are able to complete the statement: “The purpose of my life is to…” This allows us to clarify who we want to be, what we want to do, what our passions are, and the associated calls to action.

  1. Form pro habits with self-discipline

Scott Allan explains the importance of choosing to have discipline around our purpose and deciding to form habits that support it. He says this is a choice, and he explains what we must do to create these habits, including 5 action steps to take. I think its valuable that he accounts for resistance we face when trying to build these habits and how to overcome them.

  1. Goal engineering

“Goals provide clarity… Once you know where you are going it is much easier to reach your destination when you have a clear line of sight ahead, driven by a system of progressive steps to get you there” (p. 44). Allan provides a daily 30-minute practice so that after 14 days we have a goal portfolio for the categories in our life, which include career, family, hobbies, travel, relationships, finance, and any others. He recommends reviewing these on a weekly basis, and he also recommends visualizing the next 10 years and reverse engineering from that point back to our present moment so that we know how we are going to make it happen.

  1. Window of opportunity

Scott Allan assures us it is never too late to pursue what we want. He encourages us to seize opportunities, no matter how small they appear to be. He provides five ways in which we can open ourselves to these opportunities. I find it reassuring that he doesn’t limit our prospects to a certain age or time frame but encourages us to be open regardless.

  1. Adopting a model

Allan recommends that we emulate our role models and consider how they accomplish their goals. He says it is important for us to integrate new behaviors that support our goals into our lives, and that this is easier when we have a role model. He recommends that we are selective of a role model. He presents 6 qualities a role model should have, as well as 5 guidelines for us to seek them out. I believe that when we have someone to emulate our new habits become more realistic. Someone else has done it and this is motivating. If someone else can, so can we.

  1. Power of priority planning

In this guideline, Allan provides questions to help us discern what matters most to us and uses this as a basis to determine our priorities. What I found most useful is that he addresses distractions and how to deal with them, including areas to prioritize to make the most of our focus and concentration.

  1. Breaking your obstacles

We all face obstacles. They are part of life. Scott Allan categorizes internal and external obstacles and explains how we can identify them and resolve them. He goes deeper and explains 5 ways we can learn to see obstacles as opportunities. He provides 4 steps to help us overcome challenges.

  1. Getting over the past

He includes this guideline because we often get hung up on the past and it is important for us to let go, not only to help us get over it, but also to help us release the attachment, bitterness, and/or fear the past may still have on us. This allows us to better embrace our new life, perspective, action, mission, goal, and purpose. He provides special attention to the feeling of regret because he says regret makes us hold on to illusions. He describes how we can let go of the past and forgive.

  1. Turning failure into victory

“Failure is a part of living,” (p. 124) Scott Allan explains, and he discusses the importance of perseverance. He explains how to deal with the fear of failure by showing us how to deal with excuses.

  1. Building a life beyond fear

Allan expands further on the 9th principle. We all face fear and Scott explains how we can move beyond a state of fear. He provides three strategies to help us break away from fear. He explains that FEAR stands for False Evidence Appearing Real, which I think is a compelling strategy to deal with fear.

I like that Scott Allan includes practical applications that make his strategies and principles achievable. He poses questions that are introspective and provides different action plans that are practical and inspiring.

He ends with a final set of questions to helps us integrate the ten principles and associated action plans. He provides wisdom, sage advice, and a great deal of motivation.

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Allan, S. (2019). The Master of Achievement – Conquer Fear and Adversity, Maximize Big Goals, Supercharge Your Success and Develop a Purpose Driven Mindset. Scott Allan.


Provided by Scott Allan

  • Sonee Singh
  • BooksInspirationLifestyleStress ManagementWellness