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  • My 100th Article! 3 Lessons I've Learned
  • Sonee Singh
  • AromatherapyCAMComplementary Alternative MedicineHealingHerbal MedicineWellness

My 100th Article! 3 Lessons I've Learned

My 100th Article! 3 Lessons I've Learned

When I started this endeavor over three years ago, I did not envision it would be what it is now.

I did not think I would have a weekly blog, and much less that I would have such a wonderful group of clients and followers.

Whether you have been with me from the start or you joined me somewhere along the way, I am extremely grateful for your support.

On this milestone, I am taking the opportunity to reminisce and reflect on how my journey has brought me here, and in the process, share with you some of the lessons I have learned along the way.

Lesson 1: Persistence

What you might not know is that Petal Life was created over 10 years ago in a coffee shop in Hong Kong.  I was with one of my dearest and closest friends- my BFF- and we had a vision: Petal Life.  It started as a product company, and we were not able to bring it to life then, but the concept of what we were trying to create stuck with me.  My friend very graciously allowed me to hold on to the name.

I kept on coming back to different ideas for Petal Life.  Briefly it was a consulting project, and later had a short spell as a training platform.  These and other ideas mulled over in my head for many years.  In fact, I held on to the domain for eight years before I used it.

When I started working on my CAM (Complementary Alternative Medicine) degree, it finally came together.  Those of you who have been with me for a while may recognize the original look of my website in the photo above.  It was how I presented my Master’s thesis in 2015.

That creation was possible through the work of Erika Piña from Muégano Studio, who not only designed the original website, but also the logo for Petal Life, which I still use.  The website looks very different now from what it once was.  That was with the help of Graphically Speaking, who redesigned it.

The company has twisted and turned in the last three years.  I like to believe that I have improved upon it.

My point is that I knew Petal Life was meant to turn into something significant in my life.  I knew it 10 years ago, and I held on to that belief.  No matter what I was doing, my heart kept on coming back to this project, and eventually, it became a reality.

Lesson 2: Listen

My focus on alternative healing was not an accident.  Since I was a child I responded more positively towards natural healing methods than to mainstream medical care.  I have needed and greatly benefited from mainstream medicine, and I am not opposed to it.  Ironically, for much of my early life, I wanted to be a medical doctor.  Life, clearly, had other plans for me, but mainstream medical care is not the only way to heal.  For true healing to occur we need to play a part in that process, and the best way to achieve that is by listening to our bodies.

Let me give you an example.  Over a year ago I had serious pneumonia.  As a side effect, I also had liver malfunction.  My liver indicators were so abnormal, that the gastroenterologist told me they were equivalent to someone suffering from cancer or AIDS.  I wasn’t.  But, he couldn’t explain why my liver function was that poor.  The only guess he could come up with is that the severity of the pneumonia affected my liver.  That or I was developing fatty liver disease.

My body struggled through the seven months of antibiotic and steroid treatment I was under for the pneumonia.  I was not myself.  Prior to that I had been healthy.   I led a healthy lifestyle and I did not take any supplements or medications.  But, after I got sick, I was bombarded with all sorts of medications.  My body couldn’t handle it, and my liver was the indicator.

The gastroenterologist advised I take severe action to correct my liver function.  Otherwise, he warned, it would turn into a serious condition.  But, I knew better.  I knew it was just a matter of getting myself back on track with my lifestyle, and giving my body a break.

How did I know?  I didn’t have any symptoms.  I had no swelling, pain, nausea, jaundice, or lack of appetite.  How then could I be so sick? It didn’t make sense. I decided to trust my instincts.  So, I did not take severe action, and I did not make any drastic changes.  I simply went back to my previously healthy lifestyle.  The only addition was to drink dandelion tea, and burn essential oils that help liver function, namely lemon, lime, peppermint, and rosemary.

I started this in July 2017.  I’m happy to share that last week I got a notice stating my liver function was back to normal.

Lesson 3: Patience

Getting my liver back to normal took over six months. Some may think that was quick, given that what I had was acute, yet serious. If I had something chronic it would have taken longer. Most, I would venture to say, may think that was too long.  And, I understand that.

We expect immediate results.  We want a quick fix.  A magic pill that will make everything go away and will bring happiness and normalcy to our lives.  The truth is, life doesn’t work that way.  There are no magic pills.  Even if we rely solely on medication, it takes time or dependency on the medication for the situation to get corrected.

I personally opt for natural healing methods, when I have the choice to do so, because I want to allow my body to do what it needs to do to correct itself.  I also want my mind, my soul, and my spirit to help me along the way.  The only way to achieve that is to allow for healing to take its course, and that, I am sorry to say, takes time.

My gastroenterologist did commend me on my liver function results and told me to continue doing “whatever” I was doing.  What it took was listening to my body, persisting, and having patience to allow my body to heal.

Before I go, I am going to share some other milestones:

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  5. The most popular article on aromatherapy: dealing with anxiety

Thank you so much for your love and support!  Do not hesitate to reach out if I can provide you with any support.  In the meantime, I hope you continue sharing in and enjoying this journey.  Be well.

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  • Sonee Singh
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