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  • Poems on Fear & Letting Go
  • Sonee Singh
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Poems on Fear & Letting Go

Poems on Fear & Letting Go

I have been reading Michael Singer’s The Untethered Soul, and contemplating on what he shares about how to find inner peace and freedom, and how to let go.

This time I am doing something different.  I am part of a writing group, and we have been discussing bravery.  Particularly, we talked about doing something we have not done before, something that scares us, but we do it anyway.  For me that is poems.

Poems are not “my thing.”  I don’t feel I’m good at writing poetry.  Sometimes, I simply don’t get them. So, my act of bravery was first to write a poem, which I did.  The second act was to share it.

I am sharing two poems.  These poems are my reflections on some of Singer’s (2007) valuable lessons.

The first one is about how important it is to not succumb to fear.  And, I don’t mean the type of fear where your life is in danger.  In those cases, by all means, take whatever action necessary to save your life.  What I mean is the type of fear we face when we’re doing something new, when we feel exposed, when we feel vulnerable, or when we are plagued doubts, worries, and concerns.  Facing that kind of fear is important because it helps us overcome anxiety and stress, and it helps us grow.


Something comes up.

No matter how big or small,

How deep or shallow,

How entrenched or recent,

Let it go


Not letting it go feeds fear

Fear keeps us stuck,



Fear feeds anger,




And competition


What then?


Work with our heart

Keep it open

The energy moving,

Releasing blocks

Releasing fear


Fear will surface its ugly head

We need not summon it

We deny, we cling

We avoid, we hold

We reject, or we grab

We block


When it shows up,

See it,

Touch it,

Feel it,

Acknowledge it


But don’t follow it


Smile at it,

Accept it,

Welcome it,

Embrace it


Be aware and then let go

Gently send it on its way


This second one continues with the theme of letting go, and discusses how important it is for us to let go in order to achieve mental peace and happiness.

Letting Go

We watch,

We are aware,

We observe.


We do that with ourselves

As we do with a passing car.


We merely pay attention

To the passing fields,

The billboards,

The corn,

The gas station,

The convenience store.

We notice the other cars,

The people riding in them.


As we pass them

We cease to think about them.

We don’t engage.

We don’t roll down the window.

We don’t speak.

We simply pass them by.


As quickly as they enter our consciousness they leave it.

Just a blip on the radar.

A single,




And our emotions?

What do we do with our emotions?


We feel anger.

We watch it come.

We see it rise from the deep recesses of our soul,

That cavernous place

That holds the bad and the ugly,

Like Clint, without the good.


We watch it rise.

It steams up and bubbles

Like a volcano ready to explode.


We watch the explosion.

The lava launch into the sky

Splat on the ground.

Streaming down the sides,

Eventually cooling,

Hardening into molten rock.


We watch it.

An eager spectator,

Seeing where it’s going,

Curious how it will turn out.


But, we don’t engage.

We don’t become the hot rising lava.

We don’t simmer and bubble.

We don’t cool into hard permanent rock.


We merely watch it happen.

We move onto the next experience,

The next scenery,

The next passing car,

The next set of passengers.


We are free to do so.

We haven’t become it.

It hasn’t taken hold of us.


We feel richer for it.

We have more hues to colors our lives.

One more stroke of the brush amongst the billion others.


But, that is all it is.

All it will ever be.


I wrote other poems about my musings on the wisdom Singer shared in The Untethered Soul.  If you would like, read them on Medium.  But worry not, I’m not about to become a poet.  I thought I would work through something that used to cause me fear, and overcome it.  I encourage you to do the same.


Website Links


The Untethered Soul


Singer, M. A. (2007). The Untethered Soul: The Journey Beyond Yourself.Oakland, CA: New Harbinger Publications, Inc.


Unplash, Laurie-Anne Robert

  • Sonee Singh
  • EnergyHealingMental HealthMindfulnessStress ManagementWellness