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  • What is Missing in The Secret?
  • Sonee Singh
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What is Missing in The Secret?

What is Missing in The Secret?

The Law of Attraction has always intrigued me. Fundamentally, I believe in it. The Law of Attraction says we attract into our lives what we focus on. Like attracts like. This includes good and bad. Although it may be true, it’s not that simple.

The Secret, written by Rhonda Byrne in 2006, popularized the Law of Attraction. I read the book a few years ago. I thought perhaps I could will my dreams to become a reality. If I thought of them, they would come. I watched the movie as well. I bought the desk calendar that provided me daily reminders of the wisdom shared, just to make sure.

I am not alone. There are many who think all we have to do is create a vision board, imagine our future, or depict the perfect life we want, whatever “perfect” means to us. We think somehow this will open a magic portal for our lives to change and shift in the direction we want it to. Turns out that is not the way it works.

Law of Attraction in Reality

We can envision what we want, what we dream of, and what we wish to live. Yet that is not all it takes. It is not enough. We can’t just will for our dreams to come true.

We have to take action for our dreams to be realized.

The Secret says we attract what we focus on. Let’s say someone wants to lose weight. This means that if they think about losing weight, the onus is on the word “weight” and they are willing for weight to come into their lives rather than for it to leave them. Rather, The Secret advises that they put a positive spin, and that they think about becoming slimmer. The onus is now on the words “slimmer,” and the universe delivers that instead.

It helps to imagine being slimmer, to create vision boards of fit and slim people, and to write affirmations that support our desire.

Yet, that is still not enough. If we will to be slimmer, but we are not willing to get off the couch, change our eating habits, change our daily practices, we will not get slimmer.

What to Do Instead

The internet is ridden with countless success stories of the Law of Attraction and countless failures. What I believe distinguishes one from the other is the willingness to take action. How will we ever be different if we don’t take ourselves and our decisions seriously enough to change our lives?

We have to support our health. We start by making an intention. We set an intention to improve our fitness, and then we act accordingly. We apply this intention to the decisions we make. We move more; we eat healthier; we reduce stress in our lives; we improve our relationships with ourselves and with others; and then we allow for the universe to support us.

I came across an article written by Billy Manas (2018) on Elephant Journal that provides a practical approach to setting intentions, and to move beyond dreaming about our future into creating it:

  1. Write specific goals — and by specific it means that they be measurable. Instead of saying “I want to be slimmer,” say “I want to be 10 lbs lighter.” This makes it tangible and provides something specific to work towards.
  2. Let it consume us — in this, Manas means that once we set a goal, we should think about it night and day. The way I interpret this, is that having our focus on the goal allows us to hold these intentions in mind when we decide our actions. If we want to be slimmer and we consider what we should eat for breakfast, we choose foods that will support that intention.
  3. Do the footwork — to me, this distinguishes The Secret from reality because when we set an intention, we have to do the work. If we want to lose weight, then we do things that will support it. Rather than sitting on the couch to watch TV, go for a walk.
  4. Don’t lose heart in case of rejection or obstacles. To me, this is key. This means that if we have an off day, or if we cheat, or if we fail for whatever reason, we get up the next day and we start over. We forgive ourselves for failing. We use these obstacles as a reason to continue. If this means enough to us, if we really want it badly enough, perseverance will get us there. Failure is not an excuse to give up, but a reason to keep going.
  5. Never give up — this goes right with what I said above. It is about perseverance, but not just when things go wrong. It also applies when we feel doubt, laziness, procrastination, hesitation, fear, or whatever else may hold us back. It’s ok to feel those things. Just feel them and do it, anyway.

What I feel is missing in The Secret is the ability to apply the vision, the dream, or the thoughts into practical life. There is nothing wrong with dreaming and visualizing and creating affirmations. But we must also believe that we can accomplish them, and the best way to support that belief is to take the action that will get us there.

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  • Sonee Singh
  • BooksLifestyleSpiritualityWellness